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12-12-2012, 11:04 PM
@Batman: I'm kind of hoping people would have easier ways of making $4.38 in a 24 hour period then grinding missions..........

@drogyn: I was kind of hoping a few more issue with the foundry would be fixed before ratings were turned back on, but at this point we're stuck. As for the IOR chance, I really think its going to depend if your mission is grind worthy anyway if this is going to make much of a change.

You figure those that are just grinding will be searching for the quickest, least complicated mission that qualifies and spamming it like High Yield Torpedo. Just mentioning you have significant story element in the description will probably keep them away.

The good side to this is it's more likely to draw in players who might like playing a story mission but didn't have the time to invest in one and still need to do two other ones to get the marks/dil. From what I read from Branflakes, the cooldown time starts at ACCEPTING the mission, not completion (though I want to see this for myself first). If this is the case someone could play through nagarok's stuff and cash in after each episode without needing to wait.
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