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Originally Posted by devorasx View Post
[...]But NOW my pvp friends on both sides, we have come to a turning point, to our Stalingrad.
We were winning and are now bound for a disastrous defeat due to incompetent micro-managing leadership at the top?

(Which is to say: Such historical metaphors work badly with an international audience. )

So I ask and that very zealously: Does the Senior Devs still think pvp isnt worth commiting resources towards when we the paying customers show such a huge interest in pvp exist?
I don't believe that they think that. PvP has huge potential in any MMO, as a revenue generating device. They will be fully aware of that. But they also know what amounts of money other parts of the game can generate for the company. So they will set their priorities.

They got a lot of new people this past year. Those needed to learn the game, learn the dev tools, become competent at the game and the game development. This all takes time, which is money, and to earn that money, they may have to not do PvP. Yes, that is possible.

[...]Still there is room to forgive and improve, to realize that the pvp aspect of the game is now on the move. We refuse to be neglected no longer.

So what say ye?
I say: You cannot force the dev team to do anything that doesn't fit their schedule. And you shouldn't try. You should not have any expectations, this game is their job, not yours or mine. We are just consumers here.

We can offer feedback, we can make constructive suggestions, that's it.
Promote what you love, instead of bashing what you hate.

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