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12-13-2012, 12:32 AM
Don't listen to him too much He lives too much in his own little world, and is closed-minded to anything that isn't his opinion.
Excuse me? telling someone they are 'closed minded' is an offensive term designed to ridicule a person and convince others to do the same. Telling someone they are in their 'own little world' is ignorant.

Stop belittling people

You're arguing to a brick wall here, my friend Ignore him as most of us are doing; he's proven he's not worthy of logical discussions
and here you are doing it again. Twice on the same page on the same thread. You do not speak for others. Who is this 'most of us' you are referring to? You mean people who don't make excuses for what goes on around here? A brick wall? Not worthy of logical discussion? Who are you to make claims like that

and no, this game doesn't deserve a vote for best anything