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12-13-2012, 01:21 AM
just an fyi i have successfully defended kang with my voq'uv i just had a friend drop the right side as we start. I go left right defense till middle probes cleared and then left middle till right cube droped then destroy the left raptors while middle ones are taken by the 4 people left over. Im sure the bortasqu(sp) with a good captian and right gearing could do the same thing. As for slugginess of the voq'uv im sure my kar'fi could do the job way easier but i have done it successfully only switching when the escorts have issues with taking out the bigger spawned ships.

As for the raptor /shrug how can we claim cannon or not as that is really what the owners deside is cannon. Raptors and BoP are not my type of fighters but you give me a slow turning ship and i turn it into the cruiser/carrier of death. I enjoy taking out a side of Transformers in Kase. Defending probes. Taking out kang duty or dps duty in CSE. or saving the day in ise with my carrier even though it turns like the titanic in an ice flow.

Klingon isnt about the ship you fly but how you do it with the crappiest selection you get given. Klingons are the Gnomes of the Star trek world. They take the crap turn it into something usefully then beat the odds with it!