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12-13-2012, 01:55 AM
Serious commitment for ~300 players on a event which was announced on the main page? This number really shows the state of pvp in STO.

How many of them just take part to get the free respecc or the Accolade? STO has more accolade hunters than PvP'ers ;-)

To get more casuals in the queues we need:
a) more advertising on the main page. Something like the 101 dilithium but for PVP.

b) more rewards (MARKS and EC). So that a casual player doesn't have to decide between the Tau Dewa Daily, an STF or PvP. Grinding is more enjoyable when you can decide where to grind xD

BUT you have to remind that STO has a rather small playerbase! Many of them are here to play something that feels like StarTrek. They want to phew phew with a big cruiser. A lot of them are so casual gamers that they even struggle with the NSC winter race :-)

This reminds me of my girlfriend. She is a huge Tolkien fan since ever and has a lifetime abo for LotRO. Has only one max lvl char. Is seldom in a instance. AND NEVER HAS TRIED PVP. And never will. Reason: she just wants to hang out in Middleearth with her elf hunter ;-)