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12-13-2012, 02:33 AM
copyed and pasted from the tech support site. and here i thought a fellow player (and actual techno junky) would have better insite since u kno, tech support for stuff is over rated and 90% of the time doesnt help. been trouble shooting and everything I can think of from the tech pages since 10:30 pm and its not 4:31 am and of course im still working on it. if only they had any clue and tips that really help. cuz that PMB thing WONT OPEN WHEN PROMTED, i bet u didnt see that coming huh.... O yea i ended it on the task mang. but it still crazy stupid....

5:20 AM...... downloaded the Torrent, download was fast, easy and PAIN FREE!!!! now if i can get it to run ill be even happier, lol.

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