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Originally Posted by darimund View Post
I don't drink coffee, and I'm quite awake.

blizzard is/was also wildly successful, not to mention they also had a strong customer support policy. Cryptic isn't and does not.

You didnt play wow when it first came out did you, The bugs were rife and MOST of the major ones didnt get fixed untill the 3rd expansion, remember blizzerd has ALOT more man power and recources than cryptic.

Well lets see. Hrm a bug that effects 3/100 people or a bug that effects 100/100 people. Sorry but when I asked myself this question, my priority would be the bug that effects everyone. But here's the kicker, all of them should be addressed in a reasonable amount of time.

So you would fix a small grapical bug than a game crashing bug, this is why you will never be a developer

Here, once again, I asked myself this silly question and the answer I come up with is, so what if production is delayed by a few weeks. work it must, shine it may. No matter how much you try to polish a turd, it still stinks.

Again content that has a few minor bugs is better than no content, You can't get someone who works on story writing, game stability to work on graphic glitches when they have no experiance in that field, Would you take your car to a bakery to get fixed or a garage.

I don't see anyone here saying "make new stuff or I quit" but I do see people saying "fix these bugs or I quit" Whether they mean that or not is irrelevant. I can't tell you what % of the player base wants to see bugs fixed, id really be shocked if its less than 100%... honestly, who wouldn't want to see bugs fixed. And sure, id also be shocked if less than 100% doesn't want new content... again, who wouldn't. I don't see people screaming for new content, what I see is people wanting bugs to be fixed and the content that's already here to be finished before the next set of content is released. There is absolutely nothing unrealistic about that and it just makes sense for it to get done.

No people wont say it, they will just leave, It happend in wow, it happend when sto first came out. When this game first came out there was easily double the people playing it, maybe more. After 2-3 months alot left due to NOTHING TO DO.

small graphical bugs and harmless bugs may well be annoying, but if it isnt game changing there low prio.

I can name LOADS of games that get sold with massive game breaking bugs and they never get fixed.

This is an MMO, its constantly evolving, always changing, NO game company and I mean NONE has ever released a MMO that didnt have bugs, Heck wow STILL has a bug from alpha where you can get under stormwind, If your found there you get banned/warning,

I bet any money you would whine like a little girl if you had a bug that caused your game to crash, but instead of fixing it they just fixed graphical glitches instead.

And to be fair, apart from the odd graphical glitch (Witch I belive is more of a lighting issue anyways) I have encounterd no bugs that effect gameplay in any way.