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12-13-2012, 02:42 AM
I'm sad to learn that our feedback in this thread about Romulan BO costumization has been ignored. Now it's going live. So infact there will never be a chance for us to give our Romulan brothers and sisters a custom uniform or off duty clothing. No robes, not even a black civilian shirt ... nothing. They will all have their Romulan uniforms, in KDF and in UFP. I'm really sad. This was a great chance to give players a bit more than just another "unique" BO which is generally not used due to the lack of customization. I only use the Jham'Hadar boff to train my crew in Torp Spread 3, same with the Reman for Transfer Shield Strength 3. The Breen hasn't even made it into my roster at all.
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