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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
Hm, what's your source for this? Numbers I can find on the Internet look like something in between of 100k and a million subscribers (some of these numbers seem outdated, though), plus any silver players.

They had for Beta one million subscriber. After that the number felled to ~100.000.
Which isn't really bad for such a small clich? MMO like STO. I'm sure they are now very profitable.

I know getting hard numbers on MMO's is hard . This is the best I could find in a short time.!/

It is just that only a rather small percentage of a MMO's playerbase is interested in PvP. With a small playerbase it gets rather hard to have a lot of people in the queues.

The problem is that we have a self fullfilling prophecy here. Without proper rewards, advertisement, new content, bug eliminating PvP will decline. With declining usage of PvP content Cryptic can't justify spending money on it ...

They must also invest ressources and hope that it increase revenues. Because only PVP'lers really need respecs, doffs, P2W consoles etc. ... PVE players would be more in love with new clothes, pets and shipsskins.

I hope that they will concentrate on PVP AFTER they added more story content ;-) (Sorry, but I like PVP only as a casual xD)