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12-13-2012, 02:49 AM
A 40-minute KASE run that had one guy sitting AFK (he was largely worthless for the Donatra fight, only getting himself killed twice and doing about 700 dps). Reported him for going afk, not that it'll help. Had another guy in an escort and a long line of unrepaired injuries. Had a bit of amusement watching him repeatedly die to a cube before said cube decided to come bother me. Tanked three of the four cubes by myself in a fleet recon science vessel, and then popped a gateway on my own (1.7km underneath with all weapon facings firing on it, plus tbr = it didn't take very long). Ended up tanking spheres and killing probes for another ten minutes before the rest of the team realized "he can handle this, let's go kill the gateway."

Donatra fight was fun though. Those -threat consoles work wonders as a frustration equalizer as the top dps for the team ends up not having to tank Donatra for most of the fight.