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12-13-2012, 03:39 AM
Originally Posted by lindaleff View Post
I have somewhere around 40+ Holiday Epohh tags *snip*
The problem is that I cannot turn them in. Every time I try, every possible mission is greyed out, and I cannot select it.

At the risk of telling you something that you already know, but if you only have the tags then the only mission you can do is the "Research Tagged Epohh" (or similar sounding title). It should be available from the first menu item at the Researcher.

This is an oddity to the way the DOff menu system works. I'm currently running the "Research Tagged Epohh" assignment. So it appears in the menu. If I select that Menu item, as expected I can't start the assignment. If I now talk to the Researcher, that menu item is no longer available.