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Had a semi-bad one yesterday.

Warped into ISE in my Vesta, accompanied by a Galaxy-X, two Odysseys (from the same fleet), and a Regent. The guy in the regent greeted everyone; the only reply forthcoming was from me.

Anway, I noted that it could be a slightly longer mission as there were no escorts present. The Guy in the Regent agreed.

First cube went down, though (as we'd surmised) it took a little longer than usual. One of the Odyssey used TBR on one of the spheres which wound up too close to the right-side cube. The second Oddy aggro'ed said cube - the guy in the Regent asked if it might be sensible to go from right to left on this occasion, since the left cube remained shielded and untouched. I agreed; no other replies were forthcoming.

So myself and the guy in the Regent took the cube down (since all of the others wound up in respawn oblivion) and moved to the transformers, which the Galaxy-X was already attacking. Both myself and the guy in the Regent asked him to make sure he didn't take it's health below 10%, and made a start on the other three. Sadly, despite low DPS, the Gal-X had already reduced the transformer it was shooting to fairly low health, having had plenty of time to do so) and popped it whilst myself and the guy in the Regent were still working on ours. Only one of the Odyssey's had respawned and was prompty sent back to respawn oblivion by a sphere and the Galaxy-X followed it soon thereafter, leaving only myself and the guy in the Regent to deal with the spheres.

We did our best, and lasted well but I took four shield drains and, despite popping my quantum shield, was taken down shortly after the shield dropped, with the guy in the Regent not far behind.

Several attempts were made, mostly my myself and guy in the Regent to slow the nanite spheres, but the Odyssey's were useless (one even pushing a nanite sphere CLOSER to the generator during one failed attempt) and a valiant joint effort, involving me throwing GW III and using my Vesta's graviton shield to push the spheres away from the generator. This failed too, sadly, as despite his best attempt the Regent didn't manage to get the generator below 15%, and I wound up dying again due to severe Borg plasma spam, which no number of hazard emitters could clear.

Myself and the guy in the Regent subsequently agreed that, with the generator still sitting there at 100%, the second cube/generator/transformers still sitting there untouched, and the two of us being the only two effective players (the others being as good as write-off's due to the amount of time they were spending in respawn oblivion), this instance was a lost cause and we both agreed to bail, leaving Fail Fleet and their Galaxy-X friend to enjoy fighting a lost cause and spend huge amounts of time in respawn oblivion.
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Remember, this place [Captain's Table] is so desolate that upon entering the Aenigma Nebula you will be prompted with a warp out box because the game thinks you flew there by mistake.

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