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Heh, okay, not many fleets have a T4 shipyard; my bad.

But if you COULD get one... would you? I'm trying hard to like the Fleet Neggie, but it kind of seems like Fleet Vorcha is giving up 10% practical survivability for 50% more firepower...
In the House of Jupiter (KDF version of Jupiter Force), we have a T4 shipyard available and I was thinking about purchasing the Fleet Negh'var for my KDF Engineer. However, looking at the upgrades from the ordinary Negh'var and the Vor'cha, the Vor'cha waaayyy outclasses it so I got it for my KDF Tactical (and it's awesome!).

I would probably get the Fleet Negh'var eventually, but not one of my priorities. I prefer the Vor'cha with better DPS layout and higher Turn Rate. (I even tried the HoH'SuS and it's pretty cool too )
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