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12-13-2012, 05:08 AM
I just logged on to ask the same question. I fly a HEC, and typically go with offensive powers, so I'm hesitant to pick the shield heal. Plus, I picked the Romulan T2 increased crit chance, which would of course mean I placate more often. Also, I use CRF all the time, which I guess would give me a chance to placate multiple ships when fighting mobs. The chance is only 2.5% for energy weaps and 5% for torps, if I remember right, so that's not a big chance compared to the 20% chance to heal shields when hit with a critical.

I also use covariant shields, which means a 10% shield heal for all quadrants means a little bit more shield heal than it would if I was using a shield with a lower cap.

I can't decide. Please, someone, provide us with wisdom.