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12-13-2012, 05:16 AM
I had an infected manus yesterday. To be honest, I'm more of a space guy but with this reputation system, I'm open for anything.

I first say hello to the guys and also that i'm not the stf ground guy so that i will fight along their sides and learn from them (the jumping part at the end for example).

No answer from them, whatsoever...

Me thinking like: "they think i'm the noob here?"

So I follow them, two maco XII persons and an Omega girl and someone else (could be someone more, i can't remember as i did some more stf's after that one). One maco gets down while the omega girl tries to revive him but gets hit from multiple drones.

So i jump in with a plasma grenade and the full works. Got the drones down and i start reviving them, together with the other person. Not a single gratitude i got from them.

We keep pressing on with no problems until we reach the final point of the mission.

The point we sweep out the drones, and upload the stuff and destroy the generator.

Because I haven't done this quite a lot as i mentioned, I stay next the generator to destroy it.

No one talks to each other, giving commands or so, everyone excepts the two maco's and the omega follow each other. When we had the generator destroyed, manus appears. We almost had him but drones appeared and everyone dies except one person. He keeps on firing and almost (i think perhaps 10% health remained of manus)

I say in the end: well done! You almost had him. (no response back) We try again where I save him and the omega girl (no thx or whatever except the command: HILFE!! and HELP!)

Then one person dies again and suddenly goes away.. I was standing there, killing drones and the generator. Manus appears, the maco guy dies and he decides to quit too. I was like "wtf is wrong with these guys! We are fighting the boss here!"

They just stopped because they died too much? It ended that i was fighting with perhaps three persons and it ended that the omega girl just went away too.

Really massive disappoint.. I learned how the stf was done in the end normally... It was called teamwork.

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