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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
So whats the point of your opening post Bareel? That the fighter/ damage dealing class is the best choice in both effect and how its class meshes in a game where PewPew is the deciding skill needed in 90% of its missions?
Please tell me this is not a vieled attempt to say Escorts are OP.

Ask the Devs to fix thier game before possibly bashing a class that works well in its simple requirements.
The point is the method of the math behind how DHCs, Escorts, and Tac abilities all interact is completely different than the vast majority of how other mechanics in this game work. That is to say that

* > +

and when only one system uses that * as often the higher the numbers become the more skewed everything gets.

It is the single thing that destroyed Diablo 3's enjoyability at endgame compared to D2 for a huge number of players. Keep in mind I've done the uber difficult MMO raid game before I do not find it very enjoyable but it does teach you just how important efficiency really is.

And no I do not want nerfs, all my toons use are in escorts anyway. I just call it like I see it and am more than capable of adapting to any nerfs/buffs in short order.

And lastly there is no gameplay fix possible beyond more content like starbase blockade and azure nebula rescue. If you simply increase the difficulty it will make the problem even worse for the hybrid. And right now for rankings the escort is the most efficient tank or DPS while the sci vessel with the right boff layout puts out the most healing. They are the Warrior/Cleric combo of old EQ.