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Originally Posted by elexier909pw View Post
No people wont say it, they will just leave, It happend in wow, it happend when sto first came out. When this game first came out there was easily double the people playing it, maybe more. After 2-3 months alot left due to NOTHING TO DO.

small graphical bugs and harmless bugs may well be annoying, but if it isnt game changing there low prio.

I can name LOADS of games that get sold with massive game breaking bugs and they never get fixed.

This is an MMO, its constantly evolving, always changing, NO game company and I mean NONE has ever released a MMO that didnt have bugs, Heck wow STILL has a bug from alpha where you can get under stormwind, If your found there you get banned/warning,

I bet any money you would whine like a little girl if you had a bug that caused your game to crash, but instead of fixing it they just fixed graphical glitches instead.

And to be fair, apart from the odd graphical glitch (Witch I belive is more of a lighting issue anyways) I have encounterd no bugs that effect gameplay in any way.
ive said this multiple times, so to save you the trouble of actually reading the thread, which you obviously haven't, I'm not expecting perfection. I know there will be bugs, I'm not debating that. But lets list the bugs off the top of my head that do affect gameplay since you are, i'm guessing, new here and prolly haven't made it past lvl 30 on your first toon.

ESTFS - Borg are one shotting people with invisible plasma torpedoes. not high yield, not critical hits, but one massive 50k+ hit that that will kill you with full shield and hull hp.

Omega reputation t4 - Mk XII prosthetic arm store is empty

Romulan reputation t4 - Hyper Plasma Torpedo isn't there as advertised, its instead a placeholder rapid fire torpedo not part of the set.

Romulan Embassy consoles - duplicates of the -threat and + threat consoles, no disparity in them, IE all of the plasma infuser graviton consoles are -threat and duplicated in the store

Romulan Embassy plasma infuser consoles - plasma burn proc is not being properly added to some weapons.

Romulan Embassy Boffs - racial traits aren't working at all.

Omega Impulse Engine - cool down reduction isn't working for slipstream travel

UI Chat interface - half the time, it doesn't recognize im in a fleet so I can't select 'fleet' as a default chat channel, I'm having to type in /fleet every time I want to say something.

these are just some of the bugs I've encountered since s7 launched. These aren't graphical glitches, these are game play affecting bugs. Wanna try again?

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