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12-13-2012, 06:11 AM
STF Build, tactical variant :

3x Aux phaser Cannons
2x Phaser turrets XI Blue
Cutting Beam

Subspace field modulator

Electroceramic hull plating, neutronium hull plating, both blue XI
Assamilated module (borg universal console), Quantum field focus controller, Shield emitter amplifier XI purple, Field amplifier XI blue
Autodefense battery, 3X Phaser buff consoles XI blue

Advanced peregrine fighters

BOFF layout :
Universal Lt Comm : SCI : Polarize Hull 1, Tachyon Beam 2, Viral Matrix 2
Universal ensign : ENG : Eng team 1
Lt. Tact : Tac team 1, cannon RF 1
Lt. ENG : EPTS 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1
Comm SCI : Tractor beam 1, Hazard Emitters 2, Transfer Shield Strengh 3, Gravity well 2

This has the advantage of having a decent DPS, and enables you to fly with 100% Aux power which means the SCI powers will be at their best while also keeping your decent DPS.
I have tried a similar build with the science variant and it is quite good because of the +15 Aux power, but you lose one tac console

I also tried with the 3 unique consoles and i'm not impressed with the results, the only good power is the quantum phaser, very powerful, and very useful to finish off an escaping probe quickly.

If you want more team heal you might want to replace RSP with extend shields.

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