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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
It's a curious thing, imo, how normally I would suggest that the PvP itself is reward enough for and from the PvP...
My thought.

On the one hand it would help to get more rewards for PvP (more Dilithium, any kind of marks), on the other hand as more rewards you get for it, the more Leechers you will have on PvP maps again. I have the feeling that since Season 7 there are less leechers around on PvP Maps.

And the problem concerning the number of players on Space PvP is nothing compared to the numbers on Ground PvP. If you take a UTC+0 Point of View, there are only enough players at the evening hours. The other 18hrs of the day, there is not one single match starting.

What is definietly needed, are more maps and the removal of this invisible cubes embracing the buildings at Shanty Town. For weeks now, you are always running into invisible walls. These invisible cubes are about a meter more expanding than the building itself.

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