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12-13-2012, 06:24 AM
Q's Winter Wonderland fighting the Snowmen scenario has given me many flashbacks to my time in Victorian England. It was a strange winter. There were Snowmen out causing Havoc then too, and they had sharp pointy teeth. Luckily there was this raggedy man in a tophat and his gang that eventually settled things down, before they got out of hand. They were and odd lot this gang of his. One of them was an ordinary looking lady. Then there was the other taller lady, always covered in a hood, who always felt reptilian to me for some odd reason. Then there was that other odd fellow, who kinda looked like a walking potato. Anyways, like I said they took care of everything. Strangest winter teh UK had ever since that Giant Robot tried stepping on everything in London, before the balloonist took it out.

Now where was I?

Oh yes. Now I remember.

I Win!