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12-13-2012, 06:37 AM
I still think that the "101 How to PVP" on the main page every month would get a big increase in the PVP queues. Thats a lot of advertisement for a low cost.
It won't do anything to the queues.

Face it - you need to PvE a LOT, or even more just to be able to copete in endgame PvP. No new player will stay in PvP in the current state of the game cause they will NOT be able to compete with old(er) players. Not because of lack of skill and experience. Because lack of equipement, crew (DOFFs), passives, P2W stuff. End of story.

After s7 they could really delete PvP. Won't make huge difference for new players if PvP is here or not. It's pretty much unplayable from their perspective. If PvP stays it's only because either:
a) it will cost more to kill it then to leave it alone,
b) those old PvPers are spending more money on P2W and ships/lockboxes then PWE can save by killing PvP.

Harsh? Yeah, but I think how it is now. So I would not count on PvP getting any attention or getting any better. For this to happen they would need to turn the game upside down to the point of creating game mechanics from scratch. I doubt anything less can be made to the game without upsetting the PvE players which are, currently, the main revenoue source.