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12-13-2012, 06:46 AM
Not quite, I think. Serious PvP (or any PvP currently) starts and lvl 50. At this point all players should have easy access to same equipment. But the difference between old lvl 50 old player and new one is so big, that for someone who is not investing a lot of time (as in tripple amount - 2xPvE + PvP) into game it will be uncrossable.

They will never be able to compete because of new content/abilities that will be added in the future and the skill difference. And PvE time needed to gain newer and newer skills. More PvE = less PvP and this equals less time to learn how to play. Which also means that those newbs will be unable to compete with old players. Ever. Either no time to catch with equipment/abilities or with skill.

Me being example I thought I will roll a new toon and play a little. But as soon as I glimpsed the new changes to the skill/passives/sets, and compared the time needed to be competitive in PvP with what I'm willing to spent in game it was like: the best leveling option is /uninstall. And I'm pretty "old" PvP player, at least when it comes to experience (not necessarily skill) so less time to cross the gap.

And the rewards - if you are a casuall player spending few hours weekly in game and you need to compete with more experienced players with better stuff that you will be able to get in some reasonable time then why bother? Can get the same with less time in PvE and in more friendly environment (AI is the same to everyone).

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