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12-13-2012, 08:02 AM
During my last check of the dilithium exchange, the rate was hovering around 105 (d) to 1 (z). Once these rerun featured projects hit the game, I predict the new dilithium rate will be around 75 (d) to 1 (z). It looks like Cryptic is intentionally bringing the dilithium exchange down.

Perhaps its time reverse direction?

Instead of buying zen with physical cash, we can now get it free with dilithium.

Why spend real money on a game, which is giving away its assets for free?

Since I am no longer in a fleet, I see this as a great opportunity. I can get some of the zen back, which I blew on another person's fleetbase. I will be able to get back what was lost. After spending over $200 on zen, over the course of a few months, I welcome this featured project rerun with open arms.

Thanks for this great gift Cryptic.

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