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Originally Posted by malevolentghost View Post
Seriously what's to look into... this shouldn't have been released without the ability to drop a project that hasn't been started/invested in.
Unfortunately, it's the same way with Starbase Projects, where they have never allowed cancelling either. I agree - this should not have been released without the ability to drop a project - either active or queued - but whatever they're "looking into" they haven't found it since the release of the fleet starbases.

It's hard to explain if you can't see the queuing process, but the personal reputation system works the same way.

Every single upgrade, we would have a problem with someone accidentally queuing a project that couldn't be cancelled or removed from the queue. What happens is, before you complete the tier upgrade, the next tier projects are not available. The upgrade has to complete. So the only projects available to queue are smaller rewards ones that relate to gaining SB XP. You can only swap for another one of these missions, because the next tier is not available yet.

As soon as the SB upgrade completes, you're screwed. The next queued project becomes active, which means you have to clear it before the higher-queue special projects become available. You can't cancel it - you can't swap it because it's active - AND it has the long cooldown afterwards. It gets worse as you gain, because of the cooldown increases.

This just seems like such a basic thing, I don't understand why there was/is no provision for cancelling either a queued or active project in the system. But then, I'm not programming it, it's obviously something they didn't foresee as a problem and now they're kind of stuck since it was released this way. I just hope they are able to code it in without breaking the advancement process.
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