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12-13-2012, 07:32 AM
The worst STF experience I have had that comes to mind was a KAGE run about three months ago. It consisted of me, 2 others I Regularly STF with and 2 pugs. One of the pugs was a Ferasan female who had in my thoughts never run an Elite STF before and thought very highly of herself and her species build. I say this because she equipped no weapons. That's right, what should have been a 20 minute KAGE run turned into an hour of annoyance as this ferasan would run up to Borg and punch them. I understand that ferasans have a bonus to Melee, I use my Ferasan science officer as a melee tank when I can for example, but not equipping even a sword was a bad decision. The Ferasan then insisted they take the center room and refused to leave it, and when we finally did get the nodes down finally and got to the Boss rushed the room and we wiped when we tried to save them. To make matters worse this person boasted "I killed the entire room! I one manned the boss!" while the boss was standing over their corpse and borg were shambling back to their alcoves.

I guess the room was full of Zombies.

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