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# 199 Jan 1 Fleet Cleanup.
12-13-2012, 07:53 AM
Some people like me are just fed up with fleets right now. Since they accept everyone and then they have people who screw around in a Omega mark or Rom mark team game.

There are Fleets on my Naughty list for Chrismas.

(Risa defence Force) Had 2 members of this fleet in a Cure ground mission, and they played the first half fine. Then after the generators were destroyed they decided to take on argo by themselves running in to die and then not respawning finally logging off.

So I put this blunt Clean up your fleet memberships. If I see any Risa Defence Force they go on my ignore list. If I'm in any Omega mark or Rom mark team play. I know they screw around untill someone logs off. It may seem stiff to black mark a whole fleet. But the actions of 2 of your fleet members has given this fleet a bad reputaions as far as I concerned.


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