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12-13-2012, 08:00 AM
NCSoft tanked Tabula Rasa on purpose while RG was on vacation....just saying, and Gene's not around anymore unfortunately.

I think they are pulling idea's written on scraps of paper out of a hat. The logic behind it seems to be in line with the absence of critical thinking. The 'projects' are poorly designed and even more poorly implemented. They should be SCALED based on Fleet size, not every Fleet is the same size obviously so why are requirements the same across the board? In this scenario, small Fleet's stack FM's because they take more time with less people, more people can contribute however so they can all acquire more Credits yet it eats all their precious resources since everything takes the same mats. On the opposite end, larger Fleet's have members that sometimes cannot ever contribute because they are at work/school/Real freakin life when these projects cool down, so the opportunity to use the Fleet Store or any real benefits of being in a Fleet that size is moot. I'm sure I'll be on a new game well before I ever hit my Fleet's contribution requirement, and I've CAMPED projects for cool down many times. Having to even do that is just plain dumb. Also, your Fleet missions/instances need to reward more Fleet Marks, it's way too low right now. I've never played an MMO that 'locked' players in so many ways whether it be 'time' based or 'amount' based (i.e. DIL refining limit) or with so many different forms of currency. Yikes.