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Originally Posted by drogyn1701 View Post
I guess I'm by myself in being skeptical that this will be more positive than negative for the Foundry.

To my mind it will be bringing in a lot of people who have absolutely no respect for what we do, all those people in the threads in the general forum who said we are a "waste of time" and why would they ever want to just read someone's "fanwank" etc etc. The first change in the daily got rid of those people, but you can bet they'll be coming in huge numbers if they can make up to 46k dilithium a day.

What I can see is these players coming in droves and picking up the first mission they can find that doesn't have the red text, probably without even reading the mission description. God help those of us who haven't put in clearly where the mission starts. Then they'll just go and F through every dialogue, faceroll every mob and sprint to the end to do it all as fast as possible.

So then:
-Puzzle? wtf 1 star!
-Too much dialogue to F through? wtf 1 star!
-More than 2 maps to load? wtf 1 star!

AND on top of this the patch notes say nothing about bug fixes and lets face it if you look at the bug forum we have some serious problems:
-Shuttle noise? wtf 1 star!
-Boff pathing? wtf 1 star!
-Disappearing NPC? wtf 1 star!

I know some of you will say "just ignore them" and I'd be more than happy to except these will tank the overall mission ratings of you good and honest Foundry authors who made real story missions that are not for these grinders in the first place (which they don't give a crap about). Your missions will fall to the bottom of the list and be hard to find for good honest players who really get what we're all about.

PLUS we'll start seeing missions again designed to be the minimum requirements for the daily, clogging up the system with the same crap we were all so happy to see gone.

Trust me I do not like being this negative. If I'm wrong and this turns out as good for the Foundry as you all think it will I will be ecstatic and I'll go leave tips on all your missions.
The thing is that these folks who grind and grind and grind can still make more dil running two 15 minutes stfs (with the omega mark trade in for an additional 500 dil). They won't have to read or think or explore. They know exactly what needs to be done in a given amount of time. They don't have to traverse sector space to begin their grind.

I see this as rewarding folks seeking a different kind of content: story. I don't think we'll see an invasion of grinders. The "earn this!" PvE interface that they use has no foundry and the foundry interface doesn't explain how to earn the dilithium playing foundry. Not saying that this tribal knowledge is a good thing, but it's not exactly going to funnel the gen playerbase into the foundry. Rather it seems to give folks who enjoy story and know how to find missions an additional incentive to play ugc rather than farm snowballs.

Even I looked at that wrapper and thought, "My god, it's going to take me 3 hours." Now, I can say goodbye to grind and still contribute to my starbase. This is a great day for me. I'm probably never, ever going to play the repetitive Cryptic content again. I may not get 8000 dilithium a day, but I'm going to have fun just playing ugc and feel rewarded for it.