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Originally Posted by gravity2705 View Post
SWTOR is a brilliant RPG game that has been somewhat handicapped by a poor F2P model. Though if you are willing to invest a bit of cash into the game i think you will find it probably has the best story driven leveling out of any MMO. The endgame content isn't the best but overall its still alot to offer.
Pretty much sums it up. Probably one of the better leveling story-lines to play regardless of class, their all pretty good.

The FTP launch was supposed to be like a Phoenix rising from the ashes....but then it ended up like someone put out its flame with a CO2 fire extinguisher, ie: It fell flat on its face.

The restrictions are horrible, unable to craft decent items, can't run, only allowed 2 quick-bars (when you need at least 4 for endgame content to mention a few. The space battles are like a roller coaster, kind of thrilling, but the car stays on rails. No free flight involved. Just move your targeting cursor and let the game drive your ship.

The fanboi's scream about how people are complaining about being able to play for free, but I liken it to someone giving you a book that's at the top of the bestseller list, then taking out all the a,e,i,o's and u's. Sure, you can read the whole book, but its going to be a long, boring process with no enjoyment to look forward to.
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