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12-13-2012, 08:44 AM
I am so sick of AFK mission runners.

The other day during romulan mining mark mission i had the pleasure of being in a group of players (nonplayers) where i was the only one partcipating. needless to say the mining district was over ran.

these lame people get the same marks as players that actually participate.

FIX solution:

AFK timer in missions auto remove people after 60 sec.

Add a mechanic where you must do X amount of damage to get credit.

Add a must claim reward with 30 seconds to get credit.

Must take a respawn with 30 seconds or removed.

Add a /report afk command and if X players report than it punts the person.

finally add a feature that if you are AFK deemed then it turns you into a Steaming brown Horta for a week. with a force title of UNPRODCUTIVE FREELOADER to wear proudly for a week so people know who to watch.