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I'm not sure if this is possible without having to create multiple versions of the same map, but take for instance the TOS ship interior map. On the map there are 3 distinct areas. The Jefferies Tube inside corridor, the crew deck, and the engineering deck. If I wanted to send the player to different points on these decks I wasn't able to transition to a different spawn point without totally making another map and spawning them on that section.

What I was ultimately trying to do is have the player click an invisible object placed near the Jefferies Tube opening and go to a different deck and talk to an NPC. I figured if I put the NPC in and linked it in the story they would spawn at the spawn point I placed on that deck. However it didn't do that.

Am I missing something or is that just not possible with our current tools?
On the TOS interior, the only things you can really do are:

A. kill the player and respawn him on a different part
B. Use a crazy trigger based thing that puts walls on top of the player, trapping them in geometry and sending them instantly to a respawn point in the jeffries tube.
C. Use a different version of the same map.