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Originally Posted by flash525 View Post
Yet they went to all the trouble to undo the mistake anyway?

Heh, it'll be their loss until the change is undone again. On my Federation Starship I want a crew wearing Federation uniform. I've got the Breen, Reman and Jem Hadar Candidates ready and waiting, but none of them are active yet because they're restricted to what they look like and what they're wearing. I don't want a bunch of merry men as bridge officers, I want them all suited up as you'd expect. A Romulan Bridge Officer is no different from my stance.

Makes you think though, they've got all these costume choices (Bajoran, TOS, ENT, Racing Uniforms ect) that allow us to customize our crew, yet where certain, specific Bridge Officers are concerned, it's irrelevant cause they're all locked.

I live in hope.
Indeed. I desperately wish I could customize my borg boff.. make it charge 1000x the EC or something to customize him, I want to deborgify the only non-starfleet member on my Defiant. =P

I remember something from the trailer for STO.. Something about Cryptic's Total Customization or something.

OH! has it. =P

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