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Now that they keep introducing more cruiser/escort hybrids, they need to consider revamping the turn rates for the existing cruisers. The Breen Chel Gret Cruiser is larger than the Excelsior and as wide as a Galaxy, yet they are giving it the base turn rate of a Chimira? I'm not going to even touch on the other Uberness of the ship, because that's a different subject. When it's base turn rate is 13, after adding player's skill tree, other consoles, and special engines, the ship will be just as fast and manuverable as a defiant. With the Galaxy, Odyssey, Catian Carrier, and Vo'Quv turning at rate of 6, it makes alot of the new cruisers look like they are on a sugar high. A turn rate of 8 at the least would be helpful in making these slow behemoth ships more competitive in PVP and n PVE.

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