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I'm not sure I would understand the convoluted reasoning that explains how something popular can be no good, since to be popular it must be good enough.
I wasn't meaning that because something is popular it is not good, I was meaning, that because something is popular, that does not necessarily mean that it is also good.

Boba Fett: Hellishly popular and built up in the EU. When viewed as per screen appearance, he's pretty incompetent. Jango Fett, on the other hand, was able to fight Obi-Wan to a standstill. The fact that Obi-Wan had a lightsaber and Force abilities made absolutely no difference to him. Okay, fine, he got his head cut off by Master Windu, but to be fair, he had just been stampeded by some beast That's showing that the son was a mere shadow of the father.

Highlander: Cult Classic movie. Yet it was so panned at the time that Queen refused to release the soundtrack album in conjunction to the film, and instead released the album Its a Kind of Magic. I love Highlander, but I know that it's not perfect, and can understand why some might dislike it. The Highlander genre is popular, but to be honest, it's pretty trashy.
(Not sure about the idea of a remake or Ryan Reynolds portraying Connor [even though I like Reynolds as an actor...)

Doctor Who (Russel T Davies/Steven Moffatt)
Without question massively popular. But Moffatt's stuff has got so bad, I don't even watch it anymore. I won't watch Doctor Who again until they either 1. Bring David Tennant back full time as The Doctor or 2. Bring in a new actor as the 12th Doctor (DAVID BOWIE!!!!! )

I wasn't saying that popularity automatically makes something bad, I was just pointing out that popularity doesn't automatically make something good

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To be fair to Abrams, Star Trek has a fanatical following so religiously devoted to Star Trek cannon that it can stifle creativity
I think the New Frontier and Titan series of novels might refute that point, however, I do think that the Star Trek universe has effectively 'told its tales' and should be allowed to rest. That doesn't mean it needs re-making though...

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with that in mind I'm hoping that Cumberbatch's character is something new and not a rehash of an old Star Trek villain.
Ditto. I think a re-working would just be lazy, and possibly insulting to all involved, I would equally much rather see a totally new villain.