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Originally Posted by dariusmajere View Post
Not sure how many mmo's you have been in, but for going on its 3rd year for a game that got dropped on there lap and being converted onto there engine slowly, they are not doing bad. Hell look at games with much larger studios and financial back where they are.. TOR barely could hold subs due to its issues they didnt even make a year before plunging F2P with one of the worst micro markets i have ever seen.

Better yet..have you seen Diablo 3 put out by mega developer BLIZZARD and all its issues and it literallyhas parts that did not make it to release yet. Heavy nerfing done to items in games and the destruction of what made Diablio 2 last so long with the now big push to aid casuals and blow off the elitist niche market the game series had.

STO for its age is doing pretty good. Not the best, but still above the grade. Most games do not start becoming strong until the 5th year. Hell eve online is on its 18th expansion since 2003 and only the last few expansions has it been fixing issues from 2003 to now.
Acutally hoss, there are quite a few issues with this game that could be deemed excessive. Ive encountered bugs that have been around for a long time...bugs like the Red Alert bug, a bug that for me is game breaking...still not fixed.

These devs remind me of the inexperienced devs over at TOR. A game i played for just 6 months before realizing what a garbage pile it was. I am beginning to feel that way here with STO, just 2 months and 5 level 50's later.

I hope one day, this game will be polished, but more than likely, it will not. If your having fun playing and enjoy the game, then by all means, enjoy. However, it may soon lose another paying customer/zen purchaser