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12-13-2012, 10:44 AM
Very irritating. Even spheres are spitting out 20-30k torpedoes regularly, and that's with brace for impact, hazard emitters, polarize hull, and a couple of shield buffs. Should one survive that (in an escort) the plasma DoT eats you alive with ~1k damage a tic while hazard emitters are on cooldown because several seconds before a shield neutralizer and plasma DoT were wrecking havoc. Engineering consoles would be great, but I doubt a 20% (even a 50%) reduction to kinetic and plasma would amount to much if several Borg ships are shooting 20k+ torpedoes at you in succession.

I'd very much like to know why our ships are made of paper mache and theirs out of steel. Their attacks regularly hit for over 1k and they crit as much as an escort with DHC & turrets. We have pea shooters compared to their attacks. I swear their crit rate is around 60% with over 200% severity at times. They have an incredible plasma DoT and ours barely tickles. They have the ability to drain shields quickly... each one of them does, so when fighting a large group (e.g. the hive mission) it's common to get hit with it, use hazard emitters, get hit again and watch as shields go poof in less than 30 seconds.

I can understand an escort having problems with it. They're meant for DPS and exploding often. However, since escorts aren't known for survivability, why are they subject to the overly long respawn timer. That timer needs to be removed since the Borg are buffed now and much, much stronger than when the timer was implemented. It makes no sense to have to sit there and wait for over 30sec just to respawn and get KO'd seconds later by a typical vessel (sphere/cube) critting strong enough to take down full shields and hull...

Surprisingly, I'd say the easiest part about the hive space mission is the queen. I respawn far (emphasis on that) less to her than the initial horde of ships. As for the two giant ships... I hate those energy things. Why must they be so difficult to shoot down with full accuracy skill. They squish me more than those supposed uber beams that always seem to miss.

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