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12-13-2012, 10:45 AM
After the recent changes in the Academy cadres, paying dilithium to get them or exchange make the whole duty system less important, not worthing the amount of time and resources necessary to keep them, sadly.

Now with the current C-Store Cadre rewards, is really not worthing. The duty officers are good, but Gamma Commodites in a really low amount or Operational Assets don't make a good incentive.

Nothing wrong to place items in the cadre to boost the value and sell better... But each item in the C-Store, even a Cadre, need to have a unique differential, something really special. And this cadre looks good enough to inventive the consumers.

A more tangible, imediate and touching reward are better. Uniforms sell well with KDF players. Unique kinds of weapons, uniforms or players devices, like race-themed of bajoran, romulan, vulcan, ferengi or other cool-looking race is aways welcome.
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