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We have all the new ships comming out but the have no bridge styles of their own. It won't make sense for a Chel Grett Cruiser to share a Galaxy bridge or Odyssey Bridge, or some new ship to share some old outdated bridge style or vise versa. I also think it is time to start making different interior styles for crew deck, and engineering deck. The style currently used now, don't fully match any known canon ship. The mess hall don't look like "Ten Forward" or any other known mess hall in Star Trek. The Engine room looks like an oversized version of the Enterprise-E but a ramp to the sencond floor was added and the warp core is facing crooked in relation to the ship layout. The Engine room is canted crooked and the tourbolift is behind the engine room instead of in front of like how it is on the real ship schematics. Just like we got a choice in bridges and size of interior layout, we should get a choice in style crew decks and engine rooms so we can fit it with our ships as we see fit. The choices should start with canon looking layouts from the shows before they come out with new concepts. Alien ships should have their own layout choices as well.