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12-13-2012, 11:02 AM
  • A stack of Gamma Quadrant Commodities
  • An Alien Artifact (available in both "Powered" and "Unpowered" versions)
  • A random Mark XII Very Rare Console
  • A stack of Embassy Provisions (to help contribute to their new Embassy Holding)
  • A box containing 5 Gamma Quadrant Commodities or 5 Embassy Provisions, and a powerful Tier 4 or Tier 5 Operational asset.
  • or the grand prize? a set of four (4) Fleet Modules
1 - Stakc of Gamma Quadrant Commodites: You use this only in certain duty missions, and the amount you get in the cadre is really low, not worhing. Only 5 of them (and you can't choose, take the each 5 units at random?).

2 - Alien Artifact is a good item, but you are forced to have a good set of duty officers to finish the special duty mission. A lot of times I see people leaving this in the bank taking dust or throwing in the exchange, because the requeriments to use this item.

3 - Embassy Provisions is a greek gift. In the Embassy have some projects to use this in a large amount, but the fleet member rarely get a good amount of fleet credits in the exchange. And in the more common projects, the amount you have to spend is really low and rare to use.

4 - Four Fleet Modules are only usefull if you are member of a fleet and if your fleet have the right tier to sell to you a fleet ship.

For 275 Zen, with some special duty officers and not-so-good rewards, this cadre really don't worth too much.

If the Cadre really want to worth the name "Fleet Support", please, add in each cadre or at least, make more easily to get a "Fleet Mark Bonus Pool".

Or make a special rare Fleet Tribble to give 10 fleet marks in each hour.

Or make possible to exchange romulan and omega marks to Fleet marks, in a special duty mission from an unique item from this cadre.

Or make a way to get a really, ultra mega rare and unique with a the power to finish any special or commom starbase or embassy project in one click.

Or make other item, with rare-but-not-like-a-lockbox-ship-rarity item to cut by a half the costs of any starbase or embassy projects.

Sorry Crypt/PW, but really, you can really can make better options to incentive any player to buy your items. At least, try to not keep the rewards too repetitive or boring common or useless. This is the way.
PW/Crypt can't make more KDF Content?