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You want me to think this game is balanced based on its PvP that has more ridiculously insane overpowered combinations than an unrestricted MTG deck? Or the census of a group that took how long to agree an always hit fire at will was overpowered? Not to mention that PvP and PvE are completely types of gameplay. This is true in every single game ever created.
No, I'm telling you that PvPer push the boundaries of ships abilities, if you think Cruisers are in some way weak because you are not flying them the way they are designed to be flown, that's your problem. If you want them to be something they are not, then feel free to continue and complain, but it hasn't changed in years and many more have come before you.

There are cruiser builds that work exceptionally well in a multitude of roles. They excel at total healing, they are fantastic tanks, and they can even do legitimate damage... But if you try and build them to do all 3 at once, or you pick the wrong platform or don't fully understand the game mechanics, you are going to be mediocre.