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Originally Posted by crusader2007 View Post
From what I see...lots of people overall seem to be happier in SWTOR than STO. Check the forums and see how happier people are with the changes. Check Forums on STO and only thing you see are disgruntled players who are sick of grinding for anything that is remotely free

I know forums might give an skew picture of reality but certainly you can see how people really feel about the MMO
Yep - exceedingly happy, now P2W issues...oh, wait...

No Cartel store complaints...oh, wait...

No threadnaughts aabout the cyrrent state of the game, complaints about poor Customer service or in game bug handling...oh, waot...

So, yeah, go read the SWToR forums and you'll find that they're very much like these very forums with players complaining about a variety of stuff, players defending a variety of stufff, etc. All in all they don't seem any more or less satsfied then we (or any MMO is) these days.

The one thing to keep in mind though.

To post on SWToR's forums you HAVE to have a active subscription. Just making a certain level of purchases, or playing the game for 20+ real world hours isn't enough (which I believe is still the case on the STO forums, IE you do have to have spent $5.00 real world dollars on Zen, or have 20+ hours played to post on these forums, but an active sub isn't required.). So mixed in with these SWToR bposts are posters who don't understand why BioWare took SWToR F2P in the first place, and have a real disdain for F2P polayers in general.
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