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Originally Posted by bareel View Post
. If you simply increase the difficulty it will make the problem even worse for the hybrid. And right now for rankings the escort is the most efficient tank or DPS while the sci vessel with the right boff layout puts out the most healing. They are the Warrior/Cleric combo of old EQ.
This games mechanics aren't wound that tight. It would perhaps require people that want to play a "hybrid" to utilize a proper ship instead of trying to Tank and gank in a Galaxy. It would also push those hybrids to actually use their healing, support, and debuff skills to the betterment of teammates. So a Vesta that's doing some hybrid things that's actually throwing out heals, doing sensor scans, throwing out legit damage, tanking, tossing some control around, etc is a very doable thing and harder difficulty doesn't change that at all. But the pilot has to play that hybrid role properly and to its full advantage to the benefit of the whole team