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12-13-2012, 12:40 PM
If you guys don't think the cruisers should get a bump from a 6 turn rate to an 8 then , what do you think will happen when you fight against the new Chal Grett Cruiser with its 13 point base turn rate, Commander and LT Commander Tac BOFF slots, and console slots of an escort? Your broadsiding won't do crap to a ship like that.

If you fly assualt cruisers or excelsior class, they don't come with the over slow 6 point turn rate. The Excelsior comes with an 8 point turn rate so if you flying that, you can't complain. Everybody don't want to fly the same type of ship just to get a reasonable turn rate. Now there are more super ships comming out, there needs to be a balance to that or the fabric of tha game will fall apart. If the ship has a turn rate of 6 in needs an upgrade to be competetitive.