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Originally Posted by glasswords View Post
So, what is the benefit of the Captains' table? I just want to know if I'm missing anything. Seems rather redundant since you either have to be at ESD or Qo'nos to get to it. Are there any plans to expand it? It seems very neglected.

Does it really offer anything that I cannot get to as a silver member?

The original Captains Table is a series of books involving Starfleet captians (all of the originals) My favorite was the DS9 novel i loved the interaction between the two plots.

STO brought that concept into the game apparently. I've never known if it actually measures up to the real place.

But have you seen the PS3 commercials about 'Michael' ? The one with most of the roster of PS3 characters (even a few multi console make an appearence there) It's kinda like that. At least in the books.