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12-13-2012, 12:49 PM
I think this is fair, with the slight edge that the 30 minute timer is a think I am wary of.

However, I'm willing to give this a shot and see how it tests. There is a fair chance those grinders will only go up to the 8k daily cap, if they do that, and will probably end up finding themselves in their own hidey-hole missions. The numbers on Cryptic's end will be the clincher.

If this does lead to something like KF's prediction, we all win.

((Also, a lot of us getting nailed by people speed running through our missions via the f key, if the reward was based on the actual time they spent in a mission, and that red text is just a warning if the avg says it's too low... wouldn't that solve the problem of speed running down our missions? If that isn't how it works already and people haven't noticed. We've only been at this a few weeks.))