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12-13-2012, 01:55 PM
Originally Posted by bareel View Post
And no I do not want nerfs, all my toons use are in escorts anyway. I just call it like I see it and am more than capable of adapting to any nerfs/buffs in short order.
I'll think I'll do some of that there "calling like I see 'em" too.

You do realize that ALL classes of pilots and ships use the "Tac Math" to do damage right? There isn't a special math for tacsorts that somehow works differently for everyone else. My Free Ody and my Regent are both very good tac cruisers and have lots of tac powers... surprisingly my boff's tac powers boost my engi cruiser's damage just as they do my tacscort's.....imagine that!

Now... I think its a real tragedy that you have all your characters in escorts. I myself am an escort pilot yet my Engi and Sci alts are in a cruiser and sci vessel respectively. My KDF tac is even known to fly a carrier now and then! They all work differently and are all fun to fly. Its a real shame you are so "focused" on what you have convinced yourself is the ONLY WAY TO PLAY that you have blinded yourself to anything else being acceptable or equally good.

As someone that also did the high end hardcore raiding thing for a good long while I can immediately see the benefits of STO's non trinity and greatly enjoy utilizing each ship's potential. You should try to do the same, all escorts all the time gets really boring really fast.

At least TRY a KDF battlecruiser, they really sound like what you're really after.