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12-13-2012, 01:39 PM
Personally, I don't think bringing back clickies is the best answer.

They have the exact opposite effect of what PWE wants, which is to keep people playing over time.

The real answer is to balance rewards across ALL types of content, so people can have fun playing whatever aspect of the game they like to play and to get people to try stuff they haven't played through before. STO has a long way to go in that regard, but it's the right path.

I don't think anyone can honestly tell me that doing a clickie was fun. It's not fun. It's a chore. But we did it because we were disproportionately rewarded for it.

That's simply not good for the game. It's negative conditioning that's actually contrary to the behavior they ought to encourage. My name is not Pavlov and I am not a dog (though I have been known to drool occasionally); I shouldn't feel like ringing a bell or clicking a button is a worthwhile activity.

If you aren't getting enough rewards from playing the stuff you actually like to play, then that's where the problem lies and that's what needs to be fixed.

And yes, I am a fan of STO. Would it make sense for me to be a volunteer mod if I weren't? But anybody who knows me also knows I'm not afraid to criticize Cryptic and PWE if I think they deserve it. So far nobody's told me what to say... and if they did, I'd quit.
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