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12-13-2012, 02:44 PM
My main gripe is the separation of systems and rewards.

If I wanted to get fleet marks I have to generally do missions that do not give dilithium, or I have to do the random Fleet Events thing which is easily the least appealing option because I simply can't stand several of the fleet events because they are not well designed and are complete mindless zerg fests.

I've currently given up on dilithium, I do not have time as I'm constantly trying to grind out Romulan marks for several toons as well as expertise for a few newly minted 50s that don't have 5 million+ expertise like my main.

I think that a major improvement would be the following:

All Missions that grant Mark rewards should also grant an amount of dilithium. (STFs already do this)

All missions that grant a mark reward should also grant an appropriate amount of Skill/expertise as part of the final reward.

Romulan & Omega rep systems should have an prject that allows for the conversion of each respective type of mark into fleet marks at a loss.


1) Romulan Project allows for changing 50 RMs to 35 FMs. (loss of 30%)

2) Omega Project allows for changing 50 RMs to 35 FMs. (loss of 30%)