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Originally Posted by kaiserkacto View Post
I like your idea too, it would make pet management and collection more fun...
Precisely. Picture the interface like a digital representation of those old baseball "Collector's Checklists" cards... It shows all available baseball players' cards and has a box to tick off each you get. In this case it could list available pets (and possibly a hover-over-pop-up describing how to get it, if not simply spending X currency like Zen or Lobi, which could just be displayed). The ones you don't have are grayed out, but more importantly, the ones you've already unlocked have an "activate", "summon", "hail", or perhaps "transport" button - Click and your pet appears.

- Pets no longer take up valuable and limited inventory space.
- Easy, single-source location for all pets, no more fuss looking for/managing Pet "items" and loading them between the Powers Window and the Power Tray.
- Informs players of other available pets.
- This information acts as "advertisments", encouraging sales.
- Profit. Everyone wins.

Originally Posted by kaiserkacto View Post
...i would like to have a special place to store and breed tribbles too
Then you might like to comment in my other thread on that very subject:

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