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Originally Posted by ferdzso0 View Post
placate is OP, so get that. and since it is only OP in PVP, it wont even be nerfed
Yep, that's something that a lot of folks that complain about changes coming from the PvP tend to miss. They don't fix anything for PvP. They only fix things if there's something wrong with it in PvE as well.

edit: That being said though, one could easily see where people could "exploit" the placate on the PvP side - except against targets with higher plac resists. Part of that whole discussion about switching not only mods on weapons but also looking at even changing weapons because of the RoF and all the procs one can squeeze out now, eh?

DHC vs DC when you're looking at the following on Polarized Disruptors and the RoF instead of spike damage:

2.5% -X Power
2.5% -X Damage Resistance
2.5% Plasma DoT (from Romulan Science consoles)
2.5% +X Weapon Power (from Omega Weapon Amplifier)
2.5% +X Kinetic Damage (from Omega Rep T4)
20% to Plac on Crit (from Romulan Rep T4 (and consider having taken the +3% Crit and running the Borg/0Point/Tachyo while using +CrtH instead of +Acc))
-X Shield Tet Glider
-X Power(Target)/+X Power(Self) Plasmonic Leech for the KDF

So add in the rear Turrets...and a problem may just present itself on the PvE side.

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